Swimming For Toddlers – The Trend Every Parent is On

Step aside indoor play gyms, here comes a new activity for toddlers – swimming! More and more parents are signing up their toddlers, as young as 1, for swimming lessons as an alternative activity to the regular play gyms. If you have a young toddler, consider sending them for toddler swimming lessons too.

As babies grow into toddlers, parents will start looking for various fun-filled activities to help them develop their senses. A growing trend is for kids to be immersed in the water and so that they move their limbs freely. This trend has led to many Singapore swimming schools opening up toddler classes. These classes are typically sensory to stimulate the young child’s spatial awareness.

Fun-centric Swimming Lessons

Unlike traditional swimming lessons, toddler swimming lessons focus on play and fun. Most toddler swimming lessons run on 30-minutes period. This duration suits a toddlers’ short attention span. For most lessons, one parent will be required to be in the water with the toddler to supervise the water play. The professional coaches will ensure that each toddler picks up fundamental swimming skills in each lesson while having fun at the same time! You can often watch videos of happy toddlers swimming on Facebook. Here’s one that we like:

Our primary objective as parents to make sure we do the best we can to help our child discover their life interest. Swimming as an avenue to stay healthy has undeniable benefits that will stick with your child for a long time. Therefore, letting them join a fun-centric class might help them grow and even learn to love the sport for their future well being.

Benefits of Toddler Swimming

For parents have reservations on sending your child for swimming lessons at such a young age, read on. Many pieces of research have proven that teaching toddlers to swim has many benefits physically and mentally.

  • Enhancing physical and social development

As toddlers move freely around in the water, it enhances their physical motor skills and reflexes. For 8 months to a 1-year-old child who has yet to learn to walk, swimming in the water gives them the freedom to kick and move their legs and limps around. This helps to develop their lower body muscles and reflexes better. This will definitely be useful when they have to react to choosing modules in University – fastest finger first!

Furthermore, toddler swimming lessons will require either mum or dad to be in the water with them to hold them afloat and join in the fun. Toddlers are able to spend more bonding time with parents during these lessons and also pick up social skills with other toddlers in the same class. A skill that is crucial, especially now when kids are often interacting with their peers over a screen.


  • Early head start in cognitive development

Swimming teaches toddlers to make use of both rights and left sides of the body to perform an action. These movements build neurons in the brain to boost toddlers’ cognitive ability between both sides of the brain. A research done by Griffith University has shown that starting toddlers with swimming boosts cognitive development that results in better linguistics abilities and performing better in school. A win-win situation for any Kaisu parent out there. Swim to get their brain juices flowing.

  • Reduce the risks of drowning

In toddler swimming lessons, toddlers will be trained to be comfortable being in the water independently. Some aspects covered in toddler classes include quick water submersions, moving forward in water with hand movement and kicks, breath control, rotating of the body to come to the air and floating in the water without floatation devices. All these skills are valuable in teaching toddlers to survive in the water. Besides that, your next trip to Bali or New Zealand will be a more enjoyable one, knowing that your child is equipped with the necessary survival skills.

Aside from toddlers gaining these skills, parents involved in the classes are more aware of how to assist their toddlers in water safety. They will be able to keep calm and guide their child and regulate their breathing should the need arise. Fear in water can be dangerous. Therefore, there’s no guarantee but it’s better to take a safer bet.

Toddler Swimming lessons


With more swimming schools offering toddler swimming lessons, it is essential for parents to weigh out the options best for your toddler. There are many considerations when it comes to choosing a school, such as price and location.  Some swimming schools offer 1-to-1 classes if you prefer for your child to have a personalised lesson. For parents who worries for their child, there are schools with heated pools to keep your child warm.  Most importantly, be sure to check out the reviews of the school on Facebook and Google before committing to one.

No matter which swimming school you choose, swimming is definitely a good activity to sign up your child up for. Access Singapore’s certified swimming coaches on CoachRadar.co. Look for one today.

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