The Birth of CoachRadar

It is no walk in the park to find a good sports coach for your kids.

For those of you who have tried, HANDS-UP if you have faced any (or ALL) of these issues:

  1. There aren’t many coaches to choose from!
  2. I don’t really trust online advertisements!
  3. I can’t verify the quality of the coaches!
  4. The coach is not teaching near me!
  5. I’m not sure if I am paying too much for the lessons!
  6. Coach’s schedule conflicts with mine!

In this digital age, it is odd that looking for sports coaches is still dependent largely on word-of-mouth.

A good coach can uncover sporting talent within your kid. A good coach can nurture sustainable interest in a sport. A good coach can transform lives.

Yet, for a decision so critical to your child, there is no simple and transparent way to find a good coach.

Until now! With this problem in mind, CoachRadar is conceived with the sole purpose of helping you do so!!

CoachRadar is an online booking platform that brings the best sports coaches in Singapore to your kids.

We are still in our pre-launch phase. Any feedback or suggestions are most certainly welcome! 🙂

If our product might be helpful to you (if one or both of your hands were raised earlier!), please sign-up at to get updates on our progress and launch.

If you know of friends who might need our product, please ask them to do the same too.

In return for your early support, we are offering free $10 credit for lessons booked on CoachRadar when we launch! This is limited to the first 100 sign-ups only. So hurry go claim your free reward!!


Yours truly,