A Guide to Taking Tennis Lessons in Singapore

Groom your child’s physical, mental and social skills with tennis lessons.

In this age of the internet, smartphones, and iPads, it is even more crucial now than ever to instill good habits in our kids that does not involve a screen.

If you are on the lookout for an activity to keep your kids moving, playing tennis should be at the top of your list. Contrary to popular belief, tennis is not just a sport for the rich. With CoachRadar, finding the right tennis coach and lessons suitable for your child, and your wallet, is a walk in the park.

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Benefits of Taking Up Tennis Lessons

There is more to tennis than just hitting a ball. It is an activity that not only engages the body, but also the mind. Your child is bound to benefit from this winning sport, both physically and mentally.

Physical benefits of Playing Tennis

Aside from providing an outlet for your kid to expend all that energy and sleep better at night, the physical advantages of tennis are plentiful. 

Taking up tennis lessons can:

1. Improves a child’s speed and reaction time 
With all the chasing of the ball around the court plus side shuffling to hit the target, speed and reaction time can be drastically improved.
2. Develop leg and upper body strength 

Kids are naturally active and are at the stage in life where their muscles are still developing. With inactivity, a child is unable to hone that muscle strength. Footwork and basic techniques like angle volleying, forehand, and backhand strokes conditions large and small muscles in the leg and upper body.

3. Hone hand-eye coordination 

Success in tennis comes from good hand-eye coordination in order to best judge the distance and speed of the moving ball. From determining the amount of force needed to hit the oncoming target, muscle precision is also developed.

4. Improve Gross and Fine Motor skills

A game of tennis constantly engages a wide range of motor skills. Repetition in movements become integrated as muscle memory, which is important in helping kids master motor skills. These skills are fundamental to your child’s life in order to make way for more complex skills and reach their full potential.

5. Improve balance

Practicing serving and the constant movements of bending, twisting and dodging in tennis increases balance and stability.

6. Increase in bone strength

Regular weight-bearing impact in the court, bolsters bone density, strengthening the bones in kids to help prevent future calcium deficiencies such as osteoporosis.

7. Builds up flexibility

The practice of stretching and warming up before and after a game of tennis improves flexibility and mobility.

8. Strengthens a child’s immune system

Taking part in sports no doubt supports the immune system and builds up resistance to viruses.

Mental advantages of taking up tennis lessons:

1. Establish sportsmanship and good work ethics

Playing tennis from an early age develops good sportsmanship, especially when playing doubles as a team. It teaches them to figure out when to take a step back, adapt and comply with the rules of the game.

2. Develops discipline and concentration

Without even realizing it, kids enjoying their game will develop good focus, teaching them how to concentrate over a long period of time. Tennis also instills discipline in kids as they practice their techniques and pace their movement.

3. Better cope with physical and emotional stress

Similar to other forms of exercise, tennis helps to relieve stress effectively as the brain releases endorphins into the body. The physical and psychological stress of tennis also increases a child’s capability to accommodate stress levels.

4. Enhance problem-solving skills

Tennis exercises both the left and right brain as players deal with game angles, geometry, and physics. Calculating the ball’s movement and determining the precise location of where to hit It cultivates a good sense of strategic planning and spatial orientation.

5. Improve your child’s social skills

Playing doubles provides children with the opportunity to learn how to be a good team player. Effective communication and cooperation with a partner help to boost social skills.

Things to Consider Before Booking a Tennis Lesson in Singapore

Tennis Lessons Singapore

With all the benefits of tennis in mind, you might be ready to book a tennis lesson for your child- after considering these other factors:

  1.   Is my child ready for tennis lessons?

Once their interest in tennis is piqued, they are ready no matter their age. While most parents would send their kids for lessons starting from ages 4-5, there are tennis classes for toddlers available. What is most important is to allow your kid to enjoy and develop a passion for it without pressuring them.

  1.   Private Tennis lessons vs group tennis lessons

Understanding your child’s learning method and social capacity allows you to choose the best type of classes for him or her.

One-on-one private lessons allow the teacher to focus 100% on your kid so that they are learning at the best pace catered to them specifically. The flexibility of choosing a schedule that suits the convenience of both you and your child is another perk of private lessons.

Group tennis lessons inevitably allow for more interaction and socializing. Who knows? Making a new friend could grant your kid more opportunities to play outside of class.

  1.   What type of tennis ball and racquet best suits my kid?

These days, there is a myriad of age-appropriate tennis balls and racquets readily available for junior players. Most kid-friendly tennis balls are designed to travel slower and suited for smaller courts. Foam balls are the safest and easiest for kids below 8 to handle.

Selecting the right racquet is also crucial to ensure that your child is able to bear its weight, pick up the right strokes and most importantly, to prevent any sort of injury. A general guideline is to select the length of the racquet based on your child’s height. Children below the height of 125cm are advised to opt for racquets no longer than 58cm.

  1.      Finding the ideal tennis coach in Singapore 

Each child is different in their own special way. Similarly, every tennis coach has their own unique style of teaching and communication.  before you look for the perfect tennis coach for your little one, consider the type of teaching method best suited to them. CoachRadar helps to simplify your search and have you hooked up to the best coach for your child.    

Where to Take Tennis Lessons in Singapore

Convinced that tennis is the sport for your child? We sourced out the best kids’ tennis classes around Singapore:

Total Fitness Leisure Training (TFL Tennis Classes)

  • Website: www.tfl-training.com/tennis
  • Address: Raffles Town Club, 1 Plymouth Avenue, Singapore 297753
  • Programmes: Mini Tennis for Juniors
  • Fees: Start from SGD 27.50 + per lesson

Whipper Tennis Academy

Banna Tennis Academy

  • Website: https://www.tennissg.com/
  • Programmes: Individual, Private, 3 Days Tennis Camp


Whether you are looking to groom the next Serena Williams or Andre Agassi, or just want to engage your child in a fulfilling activity, tennis is definitely a worthy investment for your child’s future. Get a certified tennis coach today. 

CoachRadar – The smartest way to find a certified tennis coach for your child 

Think of it as a sports version of Airbnb, but a more niche, nifty directory for parents to find a coach at the click of a mouse. CoachRadar takes booking sporting lessons to the next level. The user-friendly web platform provides parents with real reviews that will give you the lowdown on the reliability of a tennis coach for your kids. Want to learn more about swimming lessons in Singapore? Read our guide here.