Meet Tennis Coaches for Kids

If you are looking for a tennis coach for your kid, look no further, CoachRadar has curated and compiled a list of certified tennis coach for kids. To learn more about the considerations when signing up your kid for tennis lessons, you can read our tennis lessons for kids guide here

3 Reasons to Hire a Coach for Your Child

  1. Provides accountability – A good tennis coach will ensure that your child is committed to striving for the best results. He/she will that your child is constantly improving through the tennis lessons. 
  2. Accelerate your child’s performance – Professional tennis coaches will be able to spot flaws in your child’s movement and correct them immediately. 
  3. Consistent training – By hiring a tennis coach, your child will have regularly scheduled sessions. This will imbue in them structure and understanding the value of incremental growth. 

Tennis Coaches for Kids

On Coachradar, we have curated 6 tennis coaches that are great with kids. Have a good tennis coach to recommend? Let us know here

Coach Abdul

Coach Abdul with his 2 young tennis students

Coach Abdul coach tennis to all age groups and has over 11 years of coaching experience. He started his tennis coaching career in 2007. He has both private and group classes for different age categories – from as young as 3 years old to adult learners of 55 years of age.

Coach Abdul believes in providing convenience for his students and is flexible to teach at the location of your coach. Since he started teaching, he has coached at condos, private clubs, tennis academies and both local and international schools. 

From his experience, he has designed a programme that is not just fun but also makes tennis an easy sport to take up. 

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Coach Francis

Tennis Coach Francis during lesson
Tennis Coach Francis with his students

Coach Francis is one of our most experience coaches. With 15 years of coaching experience, he has taught hundreds of students – both recreational players as well as competitive ones. His students range from 5 to 60 years old. 

With Coach Francis, you can either opt for private or group tennis lessons. He believes that the easiest way for his students to learn to keep things simple. He provides instructional steps that are easy to follow. By giving constructive feedback as his students progress, his students have been able to improve faster and better. Under his coaching wing, Coach Francis has found that over time, his students are able to correct their own mistakes. 

To keep fit, Coach Francis participates in local tournaments. This helps him to ensure that he’s always on the ball. 

If you’re thinking about getting a spot in secondary school through the DSA programme, Coach Francis will be one to consider. 

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Coach Yip

Coach Yip’s Kids Group Class

If you have the intention of getting your child to play tennis competitively, Coach Yip will be the coach for you. Registered on the United States Professional Tennis Registry (USPTR) for children aged 10 and under, Coach Yip is able to help your child unleash their full potential to become a high-performance competitive player. 

During his lessons, he focuses on student’s tennis posture and stroke to ensure that injuries are minimised. To enhance performance, Coach Yip likes to run drills for different play scenarios so that players will be able to react to different situations quickly. 

He also on the USPTR for adult development and is a acclaimed People’s Association (PA) trainer for tennis. 

He is an experienced coach for you all age groups and conducts both individual and group lessons. His usual training grounds include: Singapore community centres, Home Team NS, ITE west and many more. 

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Coach Tommy

Tennis Coach Tommy
Coach Tommy’s Tennis Lesson

Our youngest tennis coach, Coach Tommy is currently the president of NTU Tennis club. Despite his age, Coach Tommy has played tennis for more than 9 years and been coaching for 3 years. A former competitive player, he understands the requirements to become one. 

Coach Tommy has experience in coaching youths and adults. He is also able to manage and teach a group of up to 20 plus students at a go. His main driver to coach tennis lies in his passion of helping individuals to develop a love for the sport!

Want to get your child keen on tennis? Choose Coach Tommy.

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Coach Ernest

Coach Ernest with his tennis students

Coach Ernest is a registered with Singapore Tennis Association (STA) as a qualified tennis coach and have been coaching with SPEX Tennis. His is also a qualified tennis umpire, an ex-national softball player. 

Currently, he trains students under Active SG programmes as well. 

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Other Tennis Coaches

Tennis Coach Jeffery 


There are many available choices for your tennis lessons in Singapore. Whichever you choose, make sure that you communicate with your child to understand their preference and comfort level. Playing tennis to stay active differs great than when one is training to play professionally. Therefore, it is important to set expectations with your child’s coach as well. 

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