Swimming lessons for Kids in Singapore

There are many methods to teach a child how to swim. You can either hire a certified swim coach, teach your child yourself or even wait until they enter a local primary school where they will be required to learn to swim in Primary 3. Swimming lessons conducted by private swimming coaches are readily available around Singapore. In order to find a trusted coach for swim lessons, you can either get recommendations from a friend or choose one from Coachradar’s list of verified and certified swimming coach.

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5 reasons Why Kids Should Take Swimming Lessons

1)Essential for personal safety

Drowning is one the leading causes of unintentional death in children aged 1 to 14 years old. Therefore, it is critical that kids take up swimming lessons at a young age. Kids are constantly exposed to water, for instance, when a baby bathes in a small tub or when kids go to a friend’s condo for a play date. Getting children to be comfortable in and around water is essential for their personal safety.

In Singapore, many parents start their kids as early as 6 months old by introducing them to baby swimming lessons in centres like BabySpa, where a neck float is used to keep the child afloat in a small jacuzzi-like pool.

2) Swimming is a low impact sport

Swimming is definitely a low impact sport as it occurs with water. It is great for anyone who has suffered injuries, especially in the joints that wants a great workout. Swimming works with different muscle groups, like your arms and your legs at the same time. Therefore, protecting your joints. Water in swimming pools also provides resistance for your muscle to work against. In addition, swimming also builds lean muscles that can help in increasing one’s metabolism.

Fundamentally, the buoyancy of the water counteracts the force of gravity, making swimming a perfect low-impact sport that puts little stress on bones and joints for anyone. Children can enjoy swimming without having to hurt their joints and muscles, definitely an easy option for supervision and a low-risk way to tire them out!

It is also great for kids with asthma as it helps a child to learn how to regulate breathing.

3) Build camaraderie and learn teamwork through swimming lessons

The best reward that any sport can bring is the friendships and camaraderie that comes along with it. Families in Singapore these days are fairly small, with household having 1 or 2 children. By sending your child for group activities like swimming lessons, they will get to interact with neighboring kids while developing a new skill.

A shared experience between children can teach them important lessons of teamwork through friendly tag games. A positive atmosphere is derived through kids supporting their teammates and working together to reach the same goal.

Group swimming lessons can also encourage and increase social interactions outside of these activities and have a potential studying partner to help one another on academic matters once a relationship is fostered.

4) It’s a great work out

Swimming involves moving different muscle groups for a high-intensity, cardio workout that doesn’t put stress on your bones or joints. It uses muscles from the back to the arm and legs and with four different strokes, one can activate muscles in every part of the body.

It’s a great way to burn calories and also build lean muscles to boost that metabolic rate. An hour of moderate swimming can burn up to 500 calories. With the burnt calories, you can be sure that your child will always for an appetite for healthy, nutritious meals.

In gist, swimming is an exceptional sport for your child to have an active lifestyle.

5) You can swim for life, not just in swimming lessons

Being a low impact sport makes swimming a skill that your child can do for life. Swimming is good for older folks with arthritis. Aside from being great calorie burner, it helps to boost moods and aid in physical coordination, which results in better quality of life later in your child’s life.

Preparing your child for the unknowns is important. Thus by educating them early and ensuring that they are water safe can and should be a long time investment. There are many benefits when it comes to swimming in both physical and mental health. Starting them young can see them enjoying the sport for many years to come.

Things to consider for your kid’s Swimming Lessons

1. Private vs group swimming lessons

Swimming academies provides a more structured environment for children to learn from instructors. The lessons are normally based on a fixed schedule with a pre-ascertained groups, either by age or by skill levels. The coach and student relationship is usually more defined and students are more open to listening to their instructors.

If your require more flexibility or have a few children that wants to take swimming lessons together. You can opt to find private swim coaches that are able to adapt to changing schedules. One easy way to hire a private instructor is through Coachradar. For private lessons, you do not have to worry about changing the group dynamics with the entrance of new students.

For private coaches, you may want to check if they have been certified and some of the more commonly known certs for swimming coach are as follows: AUSTSWIM, Swimming Teachers’ Association, and Sports Singapore.

2. Coach to student ratio

Another important factor to consider is the student to coach ratio. The more students a coach has for their lesson, the lesser the personal attention your child will get.

For a beginner class, having up to six students in a group session is optimal. However, it is normally up to the academy’s discretion on the maximum number of students each coach is allocated. For the more popular timings, like evenings and weekends, student to coach ratio will be higher. Therefore, a little homework is needed to find a suitable class for your child that fits your schedule with other considerations like budget and location.

Before committing to a swimming class, do remember to ask how many students are in that group and the maximum number of students that the class can hold.

3. Pool environment

It’s important to check on the pool environment if the swimming lessons are not taking place at your private pool or condominium. Committing your child to a swimming class is only the first step. You will want to check out if the pool has:

  • Proper showering facilities with hot water
  • A crowd during the time of your child’s lesson
  • Hooks/ bench in the shower unit to put your things

Aside from the pool environment, one smart check is also to observe the swimming coach if you’re opting for one that instructs at a public pool. You can see if you are comfortable with their coaching skill.

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4. Rain contingency plan

It’s key to know about rain contingency plan. In a country such as Singapore, swimming lessons are often disrupted by unforeseen downpours. Some schools or coaches will postpone the lesson if rain occurs within the first 15 minutes of the class. Others will provide land lessons in the case of rain.

In the event that your child is unwell, some schools will allow for a cancellation within a given time frame. This is usually more negotiable with private swimming instructors. Whereas, schools may have a strict no cancellation policy or charge an administrative fee for a no-show.

Swimming Lessons in Singapore


CoachRadar was founded with a mission: to promote a holistic upbringing in children. Led by our conviction that cultivating a well-balanced upbringing is essential for children, we created CoachRadar with a simple goal in mind: to make it simple for parents to find trusted sports coaches.

View certified swimming coaches here.

2. Singapore Swimming Academy

3. Able Aquatic School

Website: http://swim.com.sg/

  • Locations: Islandwide

4. Friendly Dolphin Swimming Class

Website: https://swimclasses.com.sg/

  • Locations: Islandwide

5. Aqua Duck School

  • Website: http://www.aquaducks.com.sg/
  • Locations (7):
    • Turf City
    • Dempsey
    • Newton
    • Nexus
    • SICC
    • Hollandse Club
    • Swiss Club
  • Price for 10 classes: Start from $345
  • One-time registration fee: $30
  • Sheltered pool: Yes, at some locations
  • No. of Make-up class: 2

Compulsory Swim Lessons in Primary 3 under SwimSafer Programme

All primary 3 students in Singapore will be enrolled into a SwimSafer Programme. The objective of this programme is to develop in students important life skills such as water confidence and water safety. It consists of six progressive stages that are conducted by qualified swimming instructors. Survival and activity skills will be taught at each stage of the programme. As for most schools, this programme is held during PE lessons, therefore, it is compulsory for all P3 students to participate in it unless they have an exemption letter from the doctors due to medical conditions.


Having this information on why, where and what of swimming lessons in Singapore, you and your child are ready to take a plunge to find your ideal instructor. Prefer a private coach? Search for one on CoachRadar.co