Where to Find Indoor Basketball Courts in Singapore

In Singapore, it is easy to find outdoor basketball courts. They can be found in residential estates in the heartlands where many students go to practice their shoots after school. Outdoor basketball courts are accessible and free to use. As such, it is less easy to locate indoor basketball courts. Therefore, we decided to do some research for those who are keen on practicing in an indoor court.

Basketball is a great sport that connects people of all ages. Most schools in Singapore have basketball courts to develop children holistically. Basketball trains a child mentally by making them think on their feet. It also helps develop motor skills through eye-hand coordination at a young age. To learn more about taking basketball lessons in Singapore, read our basketball guide for kids.

indoor basketball courts in singapore

Why Choose an Indoor Basketball Court

Unpredictable weather

With outdoor courts, it means there is no shelter over our heads. Weather can be a downer for any basketball plans for the day. It can be too sunny for children to risk a heat stroke or get a sunburn in tropical Singapore. Furthermore, without notice, it can rain and a child anticipation for shooting hoops will be washed away with it.

Set a regular training schedule

If you are looking to establish a regular routine for your children to practice their basketball skills, booking an indoor basketball court will be ideal! Indoor basketball courts can be found in some community centers as well as various sports complexes and schools around Singapore.

Personal space without interruptions

Indoor courts provide a private, comfortable space out of the unpredictable for you and your family or friends. Unlike outdoor basketball courts, where it can get crowded since anyone can walk in to share the court, indoor courts generally require booking a timeslot beforehand.

indoor courts in schools

Indoor Basketball Courts in Singapore

Here are some common indoor basketball courts available for booking:

Community Centre Indoor Courts

Most community centres have an outdoor basketball court for you to access. Only 5 community centres in Singapore have an indoor court. You can easily secure a fixed weekly timeslot online by making future bookings on OnePa site.

  • Prices for indoor courts at the community centres start from $3 depending on the peak or off-peak timings and location.
  • Locations: Buona Vista CC, Jurong Green CC, Nee Soon East CC, Tampines West CC, and Tanglin CC.

One downside to indoor courts at community centres is that most of these courts tend to be booked early and may not have any available time slots. As the price for booking these courts are affordable, they are snatched up pretty quickly by basketball enthusiasts living around the area. Do give the community centres a call or check online at https://www.onepa.sg/cat/facility for the next available date and time.

Sports Halls, Sports Hub & School Halls

Other indoor courts to consider booking are either sports complexes, Singapore Sports Hub or School Halls. These places provide closed indoor halls for a more safe and secure session. One hall normally caters to more than 1 indoor court for booking – which means you are more likely to be able to book your preferred day and time!

That being said, prices for a closed, indoor basketball court are steeper than the ones at the community centres. If you are planning to have a regular game or practice time with a group of friends and their children, the costs can be split amongst the group.

Sports Hall
For the more renowned CCAB Sports Hall, an indoor court is at $23.10 per hour. Timings for booking are after school hours. CCAB Sports Hall, also known as the MOE Evans Sports half, has a space that can be converted to 3 indoor basketball courts. Booking a slot for a session will definitely be easier as compared to community centres.

Sports Hub
Weekday evenings and weekends are the peak periods for booking an indoor court and most indoor courts with sports halls only cater to these timings. At Singapore Sports Hub, you can secure a time slot from 7am to 10pm, Mondays to Sundays. Price is fixed at $30 per hour, no peak or off-peak pricing.

School Halls
If location is a factor to consider, there are a number of public school halls nearer to your home that can be booked as an indoor basketball court. You can check out the available schools on http://www.myactivesg.com/Facilities. Prices for school halls are at $30 per hour and timings are also after school hours.


Indoor basketball courts are available in Singapore. With a little research and advance booking, you can easily book a regular one for your child to practice and hone their basketball techniques skills. That said, most of the drills for practice can be done at home, without a court. Courts are mainly for practicing team coordination and shooting hoops. To get your child started in learning the correct techniques, get a certified basketball coach on Coachradar.