A Guide to Basketball Lessons For Kids in Singapore

Still pondering over what sport is best for your child? Look no further. Enhance your child’s holistic development with basketball lessons with certified coaches.

Start kids young

Kids try many different sports in school – from track and field, to skipping, to soccer, badminton…and the list goes on. Often as parents, we will want them to continue with their sporting activities after school hours or during weekends to maintain a healthy lifestyle and development.

If you are looking for a sport that keeps your child moving and at the same time challenge them mentally, basketball is the way to go!

Benefits of Taking Up Basketball Lessons

Encouraging your child to participate in basketball and taking on lessons for it can not only be beneficial for their health physically, it will help develop them mentally and socially as well.

Wholesome Physical Exercise

Basketball is a cardiovascular-conditioning sport that involves a lot of running up and down the court, dribbling, passing and shooting of the ball, and jumping. Kids can enjoy the adrenaline of running and chasing the basketball around the court and build up a fine stamina.

Aside from all the cardio work, basketball helps to develop and tone muscles in the entire body as it requires swift ball-handling techniques to shoot the ball or to manoeuvre through the court with the ball. An improvement in agility and flexibility come with playing basketball as well.

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

As with most sport, hand-eye coordination is needed to play basketball. In fact, basketball requires more focus in coordinating what the kids can assess and see on the court and move their limbs. This fine-tunes and further improve a kid’s hand-eye coordination when they have to aim the ball for the hoop at a distance and make a shot, as well as to dribble pass opponents and to pass the basketball on to team mates accurately.

Learning Team Work and Self-Discipline

Being a team-based competitive sport, basketball teaches kids to work harmoniously in a team of 5 players. Playing in a team, kids will learn the importance of team work and how to cooperate with each other to come up with a winning plan on the court. The essence of team work is a crucial life skill that will be very useful in many situations for kids in the future, such as group projects in school or meetings at work.

With team work comes self-discipline. Basketball is a sport that requires strategy to win while abiding with game rules. Working in a team will help develop self-discipline in our kids as they learn the importance of taking the right actions in court. One errant move may flout the rule of the sport and cause them a penalty or a right pass to a team mate can help clinch the win.

Boost Kids’ Social Skills

The communication in team work helps to boost social skills. Kids will have to learn to communicate effectively on the court with different team mates in order to work well together. This improves their social skills on court as well as off court when they mingle before and after a game to strategize and make friends with one another.

Inexpensive Sport to Start On

If you are hoping for a sport that does not burn a hole in your pocket, basketball is one of the sport that tops the list. Not factoring in the cost of the lesson, as long as your kids have a pair of sport shoe or running shoes, they can already participate in a basketball game or lesson! No additional equipment is needed to play the sport. Even if you wish to play with your kids for leisure, all that is required will be a basketball and a basketball court, which is readily available in many neighbourhood community centres.

Factors to Consider Before Enrolling for Basketball Lessons in Singapore

While the benefits are drawing you to enrol your kids for their first basketball lesson, here are some factors to consider before choosing the best school and coach for your kid:

Different Age Group Classes

Many different basketball schools conduct their group classes differently. Some schools have a combined group class of either “All Ages” or “Under 12”.

If this is the first time your kid will come in contact with a basketball, you may wish to consider schools and coaches who split the classes further into different age groups. There are basketball lessons in Singapore that are offered for kids as young as 2 to 3 years old, 3 to 5 years old, or from 5 to 10 years and etc. These lessons will be tailored better for your kids in training them with fundamental skills and to play with other kids closer to their age and skill level.

Private or Group Basketball Lessons


Coach Shaun with Coachradar

Basketball lessons are mostly conducted in group classes, simply because it is a team-based sport. Group lessons can teach kids on how to pass the ball accurately to their friends. In addition, learn techniques on how to dribble the ball around opponents and how to defend their court.

If your child has already tried basketball in school or wishes to focus on his personal skill development, you can consider enrolling them for a 1-to-1 private lesson. Private lessons are good in honing specific individual techniques such as dribbling, or working on shooting accurately into the hoop. It’s exhilarating to be able to do a 3-point shot!

Competitive games or for leisure

There are many basketball lessons or training sessions in basketball schools that prepare your kids for competitions. Friendly competitive basketball matches between different schools happen quite regularly to test the skills of the kids in a team.

As a team sport, friendly matches can help to improve your kids’ cooperative skills. After a few lessons, a conversation with you kid will help you ascertain they are interested to further sharpen their basketball techniques. Some children prefer to  learn the basics and play for leisure as its more fun without the pressure. With that, you can choose the best lessons to fit your kids.

Where to Take Basketball Lessons in Singapore


CoachRadar was founded with a mission: to promote a holistic upbringing in children. Led by our conviction that cultivating a well-balanced upbringing is essential for children, we created CoachRadar with a simple goal in mind: to make it simple for parents to find trusted sports coaches.

View certified basketball coaches here.

Active SG Basketball Academy

  • Website: https://www.myactivesg.com/Programmes/Academy/Basketball
  • Locations (Indoor Sport Hall):
    • Choa Chu Kang Sport Centre
    • Clementi Sport Centre
    • Sengkang Sport Centre
    • Hougang Sport Centre
    • Pasir Ris Sport Centre
  • Age Groups:
    • 5 to 7 years old
    • 8 to 10 years old
    • 11 to 14 years old
  • Programme Fees:
    • Standard – $130 for 30 sessions (includes top, shorts and basketball)
    • December 2018 Programme – $10 / session



  • Various locations, including Yishun – Gems World Academy, Pasir Ris – Overseas Family School (Visit https://www.sport4kids.sg/about/our-venues.html for all the venues)
  • Age Groups:
    • 2 to 3 years
    • 3 to 5 years
    • Under 8, Under 11, Under 14
  • Programme Fees: $210 for 8 sessions

SG Basketball


  • Location: Turf City / Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre
  • Age Groups:
    • All ages (3 to 17 years old)
    • Under 12
    • 12 & Above
    • Competitive training: Under 10, Under 11, Under 13, Under 18
  • Programme fees:
    • Year-End Holiday Basketball Classes: Starting from $60 / session



Be it to as an added holistic development for your kid or an interest for them to partake the sport competitively, basketball is indeed a value-worth activity for your kid to pick up. Be confident with your decision by engaging a certified basketball coach with CoachRadar.co.