A Guide to Badminton Lessons in Singapore

Badminton is a common sport that can be easily played anywhere with a big, empty space. Teaching a child the basics of how to play badminton is simple, requiring only a couple of rackets and a shuttlecock. You can even teach them on your own at your leisure time and let them pick up the sport in school during physical education or as a co-curricular activity. Readily available around us are also many badminton lessons conducted by private coaches all around Singapore, who can impart essential basic skills to your kid. You can either sign your kids up for badminton lessons alongside their friends who are already attending a class, or scout for a coach best for your kid on your own. At Coachradar, you can easily contact any suitable coach from a list of verified badminton coaches.

Badminton in SG

5 Reasons Why Kids Should Take Badminton Lessons

1)     Gentle Sport for kids

The risks of getting injured while playing a sport is one of the main concerns as parents for our kids. For badminton, it is a low-risk and low-intensity sport, where we play in an open space, usually with just a 1-to-1 or 2-to-2 players matches. This means kids playing badminton have much, more space to move around without bumping into one another. Unlike other competitive sports, badminton is not aggressive in nature and players do not need to compete aggressively to possess the shuttlecock. Instead, badminton players only have to keep an eye on the shuttlecock and simply to serve it back to the opponent strategically.

Badminton courts are also free of mud or rough surfaces that may cause falls or scrapes to happen. This lowers the risk of your kid having to end up dirty or getting any wound. It is very safe and, at the same time, a great exercise for kids to take badminton lessons, especially in Singapore, a land-scarce country.

2)     Improve Motor Skills

The gameplay of badminton requires the player to keep an eye on the shuttlecock as it is served and to receive it by hitting it back to the opponent’s court. This helps kids taking badminton lessons to develop and improve hand-eye coordination while they aim to swing the rackets accurately to hit the shuttlecock back.

Running around the court to catch the shuttlecock also develops our kids’ motor skill. During a badminton match, where the shuttlecock will fly to differs every time it is hit. The player will, thus, have to do a short sprint in any direction and stop at the correct spot to receive the shuttlecock. Kids playing badminton can improve their footwork motor skills by running around the court and also strengthen their arm muscles the action of swinging the racket.

In badminton lessons, coaches will normally focus on basic footwork exercises for kids to learn to manoeuvre the court safely and correctly. Badminton coaches will also move on to impart proper techniques to handle the rackets. These enable kids to be able to further improve on their motor skills and coordination as they progress along the badminton lessons.

3)     More Social Interactions

Badminton is a sport played by at least 2 players. This will encourage kids to socialise as they will need to find another friend to play badminton with. As with other sports, badminton allows kids to foster and build friendships with one another.

Badminton will also help kids to improve their social skills by allowing them to learn how to interact in the same court with their opponents or partners. Going for badminton lessons can further enhance your kids’ socializing skills as they can learn to communicate better with partners to work together in court and to develop good sportsmanship while facing opponents.

4)     Convenient to Play Anywhere

Unlike sports that require a specific court, field or environment, badminton can be played anywhere and at any time. With a badminton court as a built-in amenity in our HDB neighborhoods, we can easily bring our children down the block to play a game or two of badminton. Aside from these ready-made courts, any outdoor open space and, or if it rains outdoor, any hall with a tall ceiling will also suffice as an area to serve the shuttlecock.

5)     Low-Cost Sport

Badminton is a sport that is low in cost to pick up as compared to other sports. A racket will be all that is needed for your kid to take on the sport in lessons as most coaches will have the rest of the equipment provided. Aside from that, a box of shuttlecock and 2 rackets are enough for you to play badminton with your kid anywhere and this equipment can last for many games too.

Even shoes to play badminton are not as costly as any running shoes can be used in court, unlike soccer boots needed for a field. In addition to the equipment and gear, you do not need to fork out any booking fees or charges to play badminton anywhere you want!

Things to consider for your kid’s Badminton Lessons

Kids Badminton Lessons In Singapore

1) Individual vs Group Lessons

In Singapore, badminton lessons are generally conducted in groups. Coaches will tend to the kids as a whole by having fixed lesson plans on footwork, techniques and etc.

One factor to take note of for group classes is the age range of kids in each class. Typically, badminton academies open kid classes for kids aged from 4 to 12 years. The classes are not divided into specific age per lesson. These mean coaches may have to spend more time teaching the younger kids in class or younger kids may not be able to catch up if most of their peers are older than them and can learn faster. Whereas, with individual classes, you can be assured that your kid will get a specific badminton lesson tailored to their skills. However, with individual classes, your kid will not be able to get the social interaction they can get with group classes.

2)  Number of Students in a Class

Another factor to take into consideration is the number of students in a class. Most badminton academies take in between 4 to a maximum of 6 kids per class. However, you may have to check with the academy as some do not provide the class size information and may include more than 6 kids per lesson. The class size will also vary depending on the number of kids missing class or making up for the missed lesson. Badminton academies that provide pay-per-session badminton lessons will also not have a fixed number of kids per class and can reduce the duration if there are too few kids in class.

Therefore, parents will need to find out more information on the class size and makeup policies before committing to a group class to get the most optimal learning sessions for kids.

3)  Location and Timing

Badminton lessons can be easily found at any community center in Singapore. If the community centres’ lessons conduct classes in a group too big for your liking, you can easily find a suitable private coach that conducts lessons in a neighborhood school. Most badminton academies and private coaches use the sports hall in either community centre or schools as a ground to conduct their classes.

In such convenient locations, badminton lessons are normally conducted in sessions of 2 hours during off-school hours in the evening on weekdays or afternoons on weekends. This means popular coaches or locations tend to have their classes filled up quickly on such peak hours.

4) Kid’s Level of Skill

Different badminton lessons are catered to different skill levels from beginners to advance. If your child has picked up badminton on his/her own leisure or from school and you wish to sign them up for class, you can consult the coaches prior to signing them up to a certain level of badminton class. Private lessons are usually recommended if you are looking for your child to be the next Ronald Susilo and he has his own academy too!

5) Suitable Badminton Equipment

You can bring your kid to a sports shop to find a suitable badminton racket and shoes for the lessons. Some badminton rackets may weigh heavier than others or the handles may suit your kid’s hands better. Let your kid pick up a racket and find the most suitable racket for class. You can easily find badminton equipment at World of Sports or if you want more options, you can check out Queensway Shopping Centre. 

Some academies provide a badminton racket for your kid when you sign up with them for their badminton lessons. That said, it is best to check in with the coaches before purchasing of a racket on your own.

Badminton Lessons in Singapore

1) CoachRadar

CoachRadar was founded with a mission: to promote a holistic upbringing in children. Led by our conviction that cultivating a well-balanced upbringing is essential for children, we created CoachRadar with a simple goal in mind: to make it simple for parents to find trusted sports coaches.

View certified badminton coaches here.

2) BG Badminton Academy

(Flexible pay-per-session class is available if your kid is unable to attend any of the lessons.)

  • Duration: 2 hours per session
  • Group size: 3 to 5, maximum 6 students per class

3) Be A Champ Badminton School

  • Website: http://www.be-a-champ.com.sg/
  • Locations: 12
    • Clementi
    • Serangoon Central (Marine Parade)
    • Yishun
    • Tanglin
    • Dover (Fairfield Methodist School)
    • Sengkang Sports Centre
    • Sengkang Primary School
    • Jurong East
    • Queenstown
    • Bedok
    • Serangoon North
    • Jurong West
  • One-time trial class: $30

4) ST Badminton Academy

  • Website: http://stbadmintonacademy.sg/
  • Locations (6):
    • Bukit Batok
    • Jurong
    • Chua Chu Kang
    • Senja Cashew CC
    • Yishun CC
    • Clementi
  • Price for Beginner classes: $100 / month of 5 sessions

(Price for the class includes academy jersey, short pant, socks, shoulder bag, and badminton racket)

  • Duration: 2 hours per session
  • Group size: 4 students per session

A number of trained and certified badminton coaches provide badminton lessons in primary and secondary schools. These coaches normally train students in techniques to compete on a national level. If your child’s school do not have badminton as a co-curricular activity, you can easily find a nearby community center. Most community centers provides their sports hall for private coaches to conduct group classes. Badminton lessons are easily found as it can be played anywhere.


With all these information, you are better equipped to help your kid choose the best badminton lessons in Singapore. Want to save the hassle? Search for a certified private coach now on CoachRadar.co.

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