Badminton Coaches in Singapore

Badminton is one of the many sports that kids in Singapore learn at a very young age. It is a racquet sport played that is usually played between 2 players with racquets a shuttlecock. There primarily are two types of badminton coaches that you can find in Singapore – individual private coaches or coaches that are coaching at an academy.

Badminton is popular among kids because it is easy to take up and really them train up their eye-hand coordination. In the heartlands, it is common to have badminton courts within the estates and they can be used by anyone for free. Badminton is also a sport that despite its rigorousness, does not require an actual court for one to start playing. With a little creativity, one can set boundaries with imaginary lines and divide the “court” using personal water bottles.

Private Badminton Coaches

Coach Liao Junwei

Coach Liao on CoachRadar
Badminton Coach Liao

With over 10 years of coaching experience, Coach Liao is no stranger to the Singapore badminton scene. He has been playing badminton from a very young age and the sport has become an integral part of him.

He feels that badminton is able to cultivate character in children which can be a valuable asset for them in the future. These traits include perseverance and patience. In the process of picking up badminton, it can also instill in them leadership and social skills.

These are some of the traits that has followed him in his journey and hopes to impart these values to his students.

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Coach Peter

Peter on Coachradar
Badminton Coach Peter

Coach Peter has over 15 years of experience in coaching badminton. He has instructed over 100 of students, both in primary and secondary school. Having played badminton for over 30 years, he enjoys the process of helping others get better at the sport. What’s more, Coach Peter is also a certified National Registry of Coaches (NROC) Singapore Level 2 coach.

Under Coach Peter, you can take private lessons for any age group.

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Coach Daniel

badminton coach daniel in singapore
Badminton Coach Daniel

Coach Daniel is the youngest coach on CoachRadar. Despite only having 6 years of badminton coaching experience, he has trained students from local primary schools to international students from United World College. He has also conducted private lessons with youths to help them learn and correct their racquet techniques.

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Badminton Academy

Ronald Susilo Badminton Academy

Kids learning badminton at Ronald Susilo academy

Ronald Susilo Badminton Academy was founded by former BWF World No.6, Singapore Olympian and 2005 Sportsman of The Year – Ronald Susilo

At the academy, Ronald Susilo leads the team as head coach. The academy provides lessons for all age groups and all levels. They have programmes for kids, as well as adults, for beginners and competitive players as well.

The academy also has experience in helping students to get placement in schools via DSA and to get spots internationally as well.

Ronald’s Badminton Achievements: 
– Commonwealth Games, 2002, Runner-up 
– Singapore Open, 2002, Runner-up 
– All England, 2004, Semi-finalist 
– Japan Open, 2004, Champion 
– Olympics, 2004, beat Li Dan of China 
– World Rankings, 2004, World Number 6 
– Singapore National Olympic Council Sportsman of the Year, 2005

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Array Fitness

Badminton classes at Array Fitness
Array Fitness Singapore

Array fitness provides a variety of courses, particularly badminton and kickboxing. With its expertise, it has designed holistic and structured lessons to help beginners to quickly learn the sport.

They live by the following philosophy:

✔Passionate about coaching and making the sport accessible!🔥🔥 
✔Incorporate FUN as a key element of their training
✔In teaching you only the CORRECT fundamentals & techniques 

They are also certified in First Aid and AED/CPR.

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SF Badminton Academy

SF Badminton Academy Singapore

With over 10 years of kids coaching experience in badminton, SF badminton academy has the chops to train students of all ages and skill levels. In addition, coaches at SF Badminton academy have been verified and are certified under NROC.

Parents love this academy as they are able to cultivate a child’s love for the sport.

Coach has been really good with my son. Since the first lesson, his interest in badminton has grown and so has his progress. Appreciate Coach’s patience and ability to make picking up a sport fun for my son!

– Hui Fen, Parent on CoachRadar

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Badminton is a sport that one can easily pick up at any age. Depending on your personal preferences, if you enjoy making new friends and learn it in a group with an academy or prefer to have 1 on 1 session with a private coach, you can find options on CoachRadar to make a booking and arranging a sports session easy.