A Family That Achieves Goals Together, Stays Together.

A new year beckons!

Many of you have your personal resolutions and goals all set for the year, and are undoubtedly fervently working towards them. Why not try something different this New Year by setting a handful for your family too?

For one, it is always more fun to have company to work towards a common goal. Also, these goals can help to bring your family closer than ever before!

Here are 5 goals that you can consider:

1.  Eat Green

Kids usually do not fancy their veggies, and neither do many adults. But to achieve a healthier 2018, try setting one meal in the week where everyone in your family eats green. Kids look up to their parents, so become role models by eating your greens with them to develop their healthy food habits.

2.   Quality Time

Commit (at least) half a day every week to quality bonding time with your family. This can take a variety of forms, be it an outdoor picnic or field trip, playing old school board games, or cooking and baking together. Devote 100% of your attention to each other and create happy memories in the process!

3.   Help Others

Why not find a cause that is aligned with your family’s passions and work as a unit to serve the less fortunate? Community service instils humility and compassion in kids. Also, it will teach them to appreciate and be grateful for all the positive things in their life. Your partner and yourself would find this highly rewarding too as there is no better exercise for the heart than to help others who are in need.

4.   The “Stone Age” Hour

PS: This is not for the faint-hearted.

For one hour each day, get your family to put their devices away so that you can truly unwind together. Lock away your work phones (and your stress), lock away your kids’ mobile devices, and simply unwind by reading a book or walking the dog together!

5.   Pick up a sport!

Help everyone get fitter and healthier in 2018 by having each of your family member pick up a sport. It will be great if your family can learn a new sport together. However, if your interests in sports vary, encourage one another to pursue their interest and stay committed to it throughout the year.

On behalf of everyone at CoachRadar, we wish you a wonderful and fruitful 2018 ahead!

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