7 Tips To Boost Your Kid’s Immune System

The flu season seems to be perpetual in Singapore these days. For kids, this is disruptive to their studies, classes (especially their sports classes!), and health.

We present you with 7 tips to boost your kid’s immune system to keep the flu at bay!

1.   Wipe Your Mobile Devices

Did you know that our trusty handheld devices actually carry a great deal of bacteria? Firstly, our hands are not always as squeaky clean as we believe them to be. Also, we somehow love to leave our phones all over the place – like the hawker centre table or on the toilet cubicle when it’s time for a leak. Imagine your kids playing with your phone soon after! So please do wipe your mobile devices regularly or stop placing your devices on less-ideal surfaces.

2.   Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Exercising is one of the best ways to boost a child’s immune system. It helps kids become physically stronger and healthier. Also, it reduces their stress levels and takes their mind off studying for a bit. Have you ever notice how a good ol’ workout helps you sleep easier at night? Well, it’s the same for kids too. And the earlier they sleep, the earlier you get to sleep as well!

3.   Beauty Sleep

Yes, kids need their beauty sleep too! With the countless hours at school, coupled with a hectic tuition and enrichment class schedule (which hopefully involves sports too), most adults will be deadbeat, much less kids. Rest allows their body to grow and repair. So, nap time anyone?

4.   No More Fish & Chips

Fish and chips seem to be a staple on the kids’ menu of most restaurants. Well, kids love it, which is why it’s so popular. Instead of the fried stuff, get your kids to eat more greens. If you are short of time to whip up a sumptuous veggie dish, you can get a quick-fix salad mix from the Cold Storage or NTUC near you!

5.   Take Vitamins

Some doctors say that vitamins aren’t a necessity. It’s better to stick to a well-balanced diet. But let’s face it – how many of us actually keep to a well-balanced diet? Or how many hours do you have to spend in the kitchen to provide your kids with well-balanced meals every day? This is where multi-vitamins can help. But please do consult with your family doctor first to check whether the multi-vitamins are suitable for your kid!

6.   Clean Hands

Who knows what your kids are touching when you are not looking? Teach them proper hygiene and encourage them to wash their hands regularly. If it helps, they can keep their hands clean by having a bottle of hand sanitizer hand-y (excuse the pun).

7.   Walk Away From Coughs and Sneezes

This might be tough when in our public transport system as there is not that much room to walk away to. Also, it may seem a bit rude to do so. But on the flip side, it’s kind of rude for someone to cough or sneeze without covering up either. So keep your kids safe by advising them to walk away if someone is constantly coughing or sneezing without covering up!


As you very well know, kids fall sick very regularly. It takes a toll not only on them, but on you as well. More often than not, the bug passes on to the whole family too. So, as cliché as it sounds, prevention is better than cure. Try out these 7 tips today to keep your kids healthy and fit!

Know any secret tips that might help? Comment below to share!

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