1.   “Experience is the teacher of all things” – Julius Caesar

Experience is critical in two ways – a) experience in the sport, and b) experience as a coach. The former is self-explanatory. A coach should be experienced and proficient in their sport so as to impart the right skills to your kids. However, not every good student is a good teacher! Thus, the latter is highly important too. Coaches with more coaching experiences under their belt should know a trick or two to help your kids respond well to the lessons, and thus imparting skills more efficiently in the process.

2.   Motivate interest

A good coach conjures creative and engaging teachings ways that will help build your kid’s interest in the sport. Avoid coaches who are overly strict and fierce to your kids. This quashes their interest and makes the sport seem more like a chore, rather than the fun activity that it is!

3.   Not purely fun and games

Fun is definitely a pre-cursor to pique kids’ interest in the sport. Beyond that, the right sports coach should be able to take it a notch higher – by motivating progress. As mentioned in our earlier article, progress and new accomplishments drive kids to discover and learn more about themselves. Also, this will help kids gain more confidence!

4.   A role model

As you know very well, kids learn extremely quickly. Unfortunately, sometimes this includes the negative stuff as well. Thus, it is important that the coach sets a good example and be a great role model for your kids. Simple things like punctuality, attitude, service, and the general demeanour of the coach are essential in sending the right message to your kids.

5.   The smile on your kid’s face

Above all, what truly matters is how your kids feel. You can tell by how wide their smiles are after the lesson, or how they can’t stop raving about the lesson, or how they are pleading for the next lesson to come sooner! You know your kids best, so you will definitely notice their spike in excitement when you have found the right coach!


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