5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Play….. Sports!

Almost every parent ask themselves this ONE question at a point of their kid’s growth – “Should my kid do sports?”.

The answer is never a straightforward one. Let us not kid ourselves (pardon my pun), it is a BIG commitment for you to let your kids pursue sports, be it in terms of time, money or emotions. For the many of you still pondering, here’s why your kids will thank you in future for encouraging them to do sports:

5 reasons why your child should do sports

1.     An Early Boost

Did you know that sports is a great way for kids to build their confidence and self-esteem? Not to forgetting, giving your child a boost in their immune system. Professor Margaret Talbot, President of the International Council for Sport Science and Physical Education, advocated that sports and other challenging physical activities are distinctively powerful ways to help kids learn to ‘be themselves’. She suggested that these activities teach kids to question limiting presumptions, and come to view their potential in a new light. Every new achievement will give your kids an early boost in confidence!

2.     Build Skills Beyond the Classroom

Research has shown that sports play an important role in developing a child’s cognitive skills. By definition, cognitive skills include the ability to learn; to process and apply knowledge; to analyze and reason; and to evaluate and decide. By immersing in real world experiences, kids can develop these skills quicker! Besides this, sports instils discipline in kids as well. So, if you do have a little one that is tougher to handle, doing sports will provide him a constructive platform to channel and focus his/ her energy there.

3.     Take a Break From Tuition!

It’s no secret that academic tuition is an arms race for kids in Singapore these days. Kids are increasingly spending longer hours on tuition and enrichment classes every week. We are not experts to comment on the impact of excessive tuition classes on kids, nor do we intend to do so. Instead, we would just like to suggest looking at sports as a means to help your kids relieve stress arising from their long study hours. In fact, many researchers have found that sports help kids to develop better moods and concentration which in turn benefits their studies too. Help your kids perform in the classroom.. by bringing them out of the classroom!

4.     The Direct School Admission Route

Let’s face it – not every child is academically gifted. Also, many are late bloomers.  Nonetheless, being the great parent that you guys are, you would want to provide the best for your child by getting them into the best schools. If your child does sports and shows great talent in his/her sport, the Direct School Admission (DSA) program could be an option to supplement your child’s school admission application. Want to leave that as an option? Find a certified coach right now.

As reported by the Straits Time, MOE is expanding the number of DSA places. From 2018, all secondary schools will be able to admit up to 20% of their non-Integrated Program intake through the DSA scheme. So if your child shows real interest and aptitude in a sport, do encourage him/her to pursue it further!

5.     Sign Them Up For The (Real) Social Network:

In a study done by Nanyang Technology University (NTU) and DQ Institute, they found that 12 year old kids in Singapore spend almost 6.5 hours glued to electronic devices daily!! Much has been said about the perils of inappropriate content on the web. What has been less discussed is that this behaviour impedes a child’s ability to connect with others socially offline. So, instead of mobile devices (and racking up your data bills), encourage them to be out playing sports instead. Fascinatingly, children connect with one another effortlessly when playing sports. The impact is even greater in team sports, which will help your kid improve his/her communication skills and teamwork early in life.

Most importantly, let’s not forget the physical and mental health benefits that regular physical activity brings!

Convinced, but unsure how to begin?

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