5 Kid-Friendly Basketball Coaches in Singapore

Basketball is a common competitive sport in Singapore. It is often offered as a co-curricular activity in primary and secondary schools. For most schools, students train to compete against other schools. Therefore, schools usually allocate a small sum to hire certified basketball coaches to train the school team for inter-schools competition. 

As Singapore’s education system move towards providing an all-rounded development in youths, more and more students are opting for the direct school admission scheme where students can use their talents to get a spot in their desired secondary school! Therefore, there is an increasing number of parents who are looking for certified coaches in Singapore to nurture their child’s interest – in sport or in performance arts. 

As basketball is one of the more popular sports that children below the age of 7 enjoy, we have screened and compiled a list of 5 basketball coaches for parents to select from and develop their child’s love for sports! 

Basketball Coaches for Kids (Age 4 – 7)

Coach Jun 

kid friendly coach
Coach Jun demonstrating drills 

Since 2011, basketball coach Jun has been coaching at local schools. He specializes in youth development. Coach Jun is patient and keeps his lesson engaging with simple drills and hoop shots. His youngest student thus far is a 4-year-old who thoroughly enjoys Jun’s lessons. 

Jun is also a NASM Youth Exercise Specialist and ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning coach. Other than teaching basketball skills, he can also work on improving the fitness level of the players and condition them for the level of competition they are going to compete at.

With his passion of developing skills and attitude in young adults and children, he’s definitely a good choice if your child is new to the sport. 

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Coach Shaun

Coach Shaun's basketball class
Coach Shaun on perfecting the posture for throw

Another favourite with parents of kids who are new to basketball, Coach Shaun is a young dedicated coach with over 2 years of coaching experience. He believes in experimentation and continuous learning to improve his coaching style. This is aligned with his teaching philosophy – regardless of one’s skill level, one has to strive for improvement

His certifications include:
– National Registry of Coaches (NROC) certified 
– Singapore Coach Excellence Programme Integrated Level 1 basketball 
– First Aid (2017-2019) 
-VPS certification 
-Year 3 sports coaching diploma (Republic Polytechnic) 

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Coach Erick Yap

Basketball Coach Erick Yap Academy
Coach Erik with his team of young basketball players

Coach Erick Yap founded Erick Yap Basketball Academy in 2007. He has been running it full time ever since. Aside from having 11 years of experience in running a basketball academy, Coach Erick was also the former Singapore National U13 youth head coach. Training young adults has been his focus for his entire coaching career. 

As a full-time professional Basketball Coach who coaches team and individual regularly, he keeps his group size small and takes in a maximum of 6 players in a group session. By keeping the size small, Coach Erick is able to better understand each player’s individual skill set, fitness level, and emotional needs. This helps him ensure that all of his players can establish good basketball habits, routines and discipline. 

Apart from regular basketball training, Coach Erick also offers a DSA programme. Through the programme, he will train, offer insights and plan for the students who are looking to enter their desired secondary school through DSA. With his experience, he has designed a structured programme that has successfully placed students in a school of their choice. 

11 times Zonal Champion 
2 Times National Champion 

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Coach Jasper 

Coach Jasper with his team of female basketball players

Coach Jasper has been coaching basketball since 1993. With a total of 15 years of coaching experience, he has coached individuals and teams at all levels. Aside from physical training, Coach Jasper spends a lot of time doing research on individual fundamental skills and on improving fitness levels. These research include techniques on how to jump high and the methods to counter different game situation. 

Coach Jasper has a Diploma in Sports Psychology  which comprise of 70% of a player’s abilities and 30% skills. 

He believes that the soft lessons learnt during his coaching sessions will be useful for youths in school and in their social lives too. He feels that sports can reveal a person’s character and allow us to discover ourselves. It will be a good start for youths to understand themselves and aid them in their personal development for the future. 

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Coach Zhi En

Coach Zhi En loves basketball. Being a young coach, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge of the sport with others. His coaching philosophy is to give back 3X more. He’s enthusiastic about helping those who share the love of basketball – be it recreational players or those who have just discovered the sport. Not just for newcomers, Coach Zhi En believes he will be able to elevate basketball for competitive players too. 

Coach Zhi En started playing basketball in 2007 and his burning desire to improve has been consistent throughout his playing career. This is something that he will like to instill into children – a drive for personal growth.

Under his guidance, Coach Zhi En guarantees that you will be able to see results within a few months. In his lessons, he will cover individual skills, game concepts and how to work as a team!

His certification includes: 
-NROC certified 
-SG Coach Excellence Prog. Integrated Level 1 basketball
-First Aid 
-VPS certification 
-Sports Coaching Diploma (Year 3) 

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Every coach, like every child, is different. Here are 5 kid friendly basketball coaches that CoachRadar has curated especially for parents with a young child with an interest in picking up basketball. Don’t be fooled by how young they look, read the reviews left by other parents and you’ll discover just how good with kids these coaches can be!

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