5 Great Ways to Get Your Kids to Play Outside

Xbox, playstation, ipad, aircon. These are the typical nemesis to get your kids to play outdoors.

How times have changed! Back in the days, we were always told not to play outdoors, to come home early, to stay safe and sheltered in the comfort of our home. These days, kids give you the death stare when you ask them to play outside.

In this digital era, kids can surely do with more regular outdoor time to let them explore the world beyond a screen. Here are some ways you can try!

5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Play Outside

1.   Team Up
If you have a hectic schedule like most Singaporean parents do, more often than not, you simply don’t have the bandwidth to plan for so many outdoor activities. But fret not, there are probably tons of other parents feeling the same way as you do. Why not team up with some of your friends? Take turns bringing the kids out and take turns coming up with new ideas too. Your kids will benefit from more unique experiences from the different ideas!

Also, no one wants to be outdoors without friends. Having their friends come along for the play date might just provide the extra nudge they need.

2.   Pick Up Sports
Sports is one of the easiest way to attract your kids outdoor. In a study done by Michigan State University where kids were asked why they want to play sports, the top reason given is because it’s fun! Beyond fun, sports allow your kids to meet up with good buddies and make new ones in the process too. Also, kids love the challenge of learning something new and interesting, as long as it does not involve algebra. Sports can also help boost your kid’s immunity!

3.   Adopt A Dog
Most kids love dogs. Besides being cute, fun and cuddly, a dog is a great way to get your kids out of the house. Your kids could bring the dog out for a walk under your supervision. If you are feeling more adventurous, bring your newest family addition to the beach and parks. Your kids are sure to join in too!

4.   Let Your Kids Decide
Dragging them to the park will not put a smile on their face. Instead, offer them the responsibility to pick an outdoor activity for the family. They call the shots, you get them there. They will be more engaged outdoors once it is an activity that they choose. No matter what they choose, show a keen interest in the activity and learn why the activity interests them. Your interest will encourage them to choose more activities down the road!

5.   Be a Good Role Model
You are your kid’s biggest role model. They pick up behaviors from you. So, if you want your kids to be attuned to nature, you have to show some interest in it as well and you should hopefully not go berserk when a dragonfly flies dangerously close to you at the park. On the same note, consider this too – if your kids constantly see their parents glued to the mobile at home, guess what kind of behavior they will pick up too?


There are many fun ways you can get your kid out those doors. Persist. Once you do, and they are inspired by some of Singapore’s youngest athletes like Michelle Sng, simply hope onto Coach Radar to find certified coaches for your child. Coach Radar is the smartest way to unleash your child’s talents.